How much is my phone worth?

Looking find out how much you could get for your old mobile phone? Selling your pre-owned or used smartphone couldn't be simpler with our quick and easy process. Get free delivery and same day payment into your account.

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Why should I sell with Tech Octopus?

How do I sell my phone?

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Choose your category from above or use our handy search to find your model. Provide some details about the storage, network and condition of your device.

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Complete the sale of your mobile and package your device carefully. We suggest you using bubble wrap for added protection during transit.

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Send your mobile phone back to us. Either take your phone to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection for free.

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Once we've received and assessed your mobile phone, we'll process your payment and it should be with you the same day.

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Why should I sell my smartphone?

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Smartphones and other mobile devices are a great way to give you a quick boost in cash to put towards that next upgrade or to pay a credit card bill. It's estimated that there's over 50 million unused mobile phones and other technology still in drawers and cupboards of peoples homes.

By selling an old mobile phone you can help to put technology back into the hands of other people who can make a good use for them. E-waste is a global growing concern for the planet and our mission is to stop mobile phones making their way to landfill.

For every mobile phone that we purchase, we'll also plant a tree to help offset the carbon footprint that technology has on our planet. You can do your bit by recycling your device today and help us save the world one phone at a time.

Things to remember when selling your phone

  • Backup the data from your mobile phone - Please backup any data and images to the cloud or a personal computer before sending.
  • Remove accounts that are linked to your device - Make sure you remove your account from iCloud or Samsung lock.
  • Factory Reset your phone - Before packaging your phone, please factory reset your device.
  • Remove any accessories and memory cards - Make sure any cases, screen protectors, Sim cards or memory cards are removed.
  • Clean your phone - Before sending your mobile, please give it a good clean.

Questions about selling your phone

Does my mobile phone lose money if I don't sell?

Over a relatively short period of time, a mobile phone can lose more than half its value. Much like a new car, technology value drops each month, meaning the longer you wait to trade-in your phone, the less you'll be able to get for it. 1 in 10 customers think that they'll get more for their phone if they hold off. If you lock in your price now, you're guaranteed to get a higher amount than if you wait. 

The best option is to sell phones as quickly as possible. As soon as you upgrade to a newer device, make sure you sell to avoid disappointment. You could even sell your device before you buy a new one, to help fund the new purchase. Looking to know more about how we test your device when it arrives with us.

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What are the steps when selling my phone?

Before you return your phone to us, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unpair any accessories that may be connected to your mobile, such as a smart Watch or headphones
  2. Backup any data and images to the cloud or a personal computer
  3. Sign out of any accounts that may be linked to your device . Sign out of iCloud or Sign out of Samsung account
  4. Erase all of your data - Don't worry if you forget to do this as we'll wipe your device on arrival
  5. Remove any SIM cards and accessories such as cases and screen protectors
  6. Give your phone a good clean to make sure there's no dirt that could affect our conditional checks

Is my broken phone worth anything?

It's best practice to look after technology by putting a case and a screen protector on your device. You can even go that one step further to purchase mobile phone insurance to cover against those accidents that happen. Even with all of this protection there's times that a phone will develop faults or damage that can't be helped or protected against. If this does happen, you don't need to worry. Tech Octopus can still offer you a value for your damaged or broken mobile.

Whether you've got a smashed screen, cracked back or it's heavily covered in scratches, we can provide a quote. You may be surprised about how much you could get. Simply choose the most appropriate condition when selling and return your device to us for a full valuation.

Find out more about selling your damaged phone.

How much is my mobile phone worth?

The price that you can get for your unwanted mobile phone is based on several factors that will affect the value. The model, network, storage capacity and condition will all impact the amount you can get. Make sure you're honest and transparent about what you're selling so that your sale goes through smoothly and without delay.

To find out how much you could get, simply find your phone using our handy search or choose your category:

When is the best time to trade in my mobile phone?

The longer you wait to sell your mobile phone, the less you are going to get paid for it. With new model releases each year from Apple and Samsung, there's an impact on the value of your phone at these key times. So if you are planning to upgrade to the latest model, it’s critical to trade-in without delay. Usually immediately after a phone launch, trade-in prices will drop, so the quicker you sell, the more you'll be paid. We provide a 14-day price guarantee, giving you enough time to return your device.

What is the environmental impact of not selling my phone?

Technology such as mobiles phones that aren't sold or recycled can end up in landfill sites and contribute to the global E-waste and environmental problem.

Millions of people have still not realised the value that could be sitting in old phones in drawers or cupboards. The longer that they sit there, the less value they'll be worth.

Research has shown that customers are interested in recycling their old devices if they know it has positive impacts on the environment. This is another reason to trade in your old device and help do something that positively impacts the planet.