How to sell your mobile phone

Our aim is to make selling your mobile phone and other tech as quick and easy as possible.

When you trade in your iPhone or Samsung device with Tech Octopus you'll get a quote in less than 30 seconds, a guaranteed price that we'll lock for 14 days, free and tracked delivery and fast payment. find out why you should choose to sell with us.

Our 4 step process

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1. Choose a category below or use our handy search to find your model. Provide some details about the storage, network and condition of your device.

Open cardboard box with mobile phone being put inside

2. Complete your trade-in and securely package your device. We suggest using bubble wrap to add that extra layer of protection when posting.

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3. Send your device back to us. You can take your package to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection for convenience.
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4. Once we've received, verified and tested your device, we'll process your payment and it should be in your account on the same day.

1. Choose your category below

Or Find your mobile phone using our search below

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2. Packaging your device

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Before you send your mobile phone back to us, we recommend that you follow these simple instructions for a smooth transaction:

  • Backup any data that's on your phone - Please ensure that you backup any personal information and images to the cloud or a personal computer.
  • Remove any associated accounts - Make sure you remove your account from iCloud or Samsung lock.
  • Factory Reset your device - Please factory reset your device. Don't worry if you forget to do this as we'll also wipe your phone on arrival.
  • Remove accessories - Make sure you remove any cases, screen protectors, Sim cards or memory cards.
  • Clean your phone - Before sending your mobile, please give it a good clean to make sure there's no dirt or dust that may affect the conditional checks we do.

We suggest you wrap your device up carefully using bubble wrap and that this is sent back in a rigid box...Ideally the original phone box that the device came in.

3. Our Delivery Options

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As part of the online trade-in process we'll ask you how you wish to return your device to us. You can choose to print your own label (if you have access to a printer) or for a totally paper-free option, you can choose a QR code.

You can then decide the best whether you take your mobile phone to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection.

Post Office drop-off

Once your device is securely packaged and you've printed and affixed your pre-paid label or have a QR code, you can pop round to your local Post Office and hand the package to the cashier. They'll take this from you and provide you with proof of postage. You'll be able to track your order using the receipt and tracking information they provide using Package tracking.

Not sure where your local branch is? - Find my local Post Office

Royal Mail Home collection

For total convenience, you can arrange a Royal Mail home collection. To do this you just need to go to Book A Collection and enter some details. You'll need to enter your tracking number that is on the label we email to you.

4. Our Payment Options

Image showing various bank logos and PayPal logo underneath

When you sell your phone, you'll have the option to choose how you wish to be paid. We offer 2 options to receive your cash quickly

  1. Bank Transfer - Just provide your account number and sort code of the account you wish to be paid into.
  2. PayPal - Provide the email address of the PayPal account you want the money to be paid to.

When we've received, verified and tested your device you'll receive an email from us to confirm everything has passed our diagnostic and conditional tests. Find out how we test your device.

If everything is ok, we'll pay you immediately into your bank or PayPal account. If there's an issue or problem with your device once this has been assessed, we'll send you an email and SMS so you can decide how you wish to proceed.

Payments that are sent by us can take up to 48 hours to clear in your account due to the receiving bank's process. Usually these clear straight away. You can always check the status of your order at any time.