Sell your Phone, Plant a Tree, Save the Planet!

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We're doing our bit

Our mission is to contribute towards the circular economy and to give something back. That's why we're working with More Trees so that for every mobile phone or device that we purchase from customers, we'll plant a tree to help replenish our planet and offset the carbon footprint that technology has.

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You should play your part too

E-waste has become a global concern, but you can help by doing your part to ensure that technology and other harmful materials don't make their way to landfill sites. By selling your mobile device to The Tech Octopus, you'll contribute towards an increased awareness campaign and help to save the planet one phone at a time.

How does recycling my phone help the environment?

A pile of mobile phones that are broken

Here are some of the key statistics about recycling:

  • 4.7 million - The number of mobile devices that end up in landfill sites each year.
  • Only 17% of the world's e-waste is properly recycled.
  • In the UK, more than 20 million unused but working electrical items, worth as much as possibly £5.63bn, are currently hoarded.
  • 40% of people think they might use their old mobile phone one day, therefore left unrecycled.

A more sustainable way to dispose of old tech is to sell your device and generate some extra cash. This promotes the circular economy that sees old tech being refurbished and re-sold on to the next person to use. This can help to reduce the amount of e-waste entering landfill sites around the world, as well as clearing out people's cupboards and drawers.

If you have old, unwanted, used or pre-owned technology that you no longer have use for, recycle this with The Tech Octopus. You'll get a great price, free delivery, and fast payment, but you'll also have the confidence that your items have been recycled responsibly and put to good use.

Help to save the world one phone at a time!