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If you're looking for somewhere to sell your broken phone, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to sell a smashed iPhone or a have a faulty Samsung phone that’s not in working condition, The Tech Octopus can offer you a great price for selling today.

Whilst we all aim to take care of our devices, sometimes there's elements of accidental damage. Most devices sustain visual signs of wear and tear from day-to-day use but now and again an unexpected scenario might mean that your mobile develops damage or a fault. You might be surprised to learn that there's still a value even if your device is in a poor condition. If you're unsure about our process, why not see how we test and process your device.

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Selling your faulty or damaged phone is easy

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Before selling your phone to The Tech Octopus please make sure you read the condition description carefully and that the device meets our criteria. We will buy mobiles that have the majority of faults and problems, but there are circumstances where we wouldn't be able to offer a value. Please see these below:

Snapped phone icon

Totally destroyed or snapped phones

Stolen phone icon

Phones that are blacklisted or classed as 'lost or stolen'

Cloud locked icon

Phones that are locked to a cloud account

Icon showing no power

Devices that DO NOT power on

Once you're happy that your item meets the condition criteria, follow these simple steps:

  1. Search or locate your device
  2. Choose your storage and network
  3. Select the condition 'Faulty' and complete the sale
  4. Send your device back to us and await your payment


What is a broken mobile phone?

There's a number of reasons why a device might be classified as 'Damaged' or 'Broken'. We might still be able to offer you a value for your phone even if it has issues. We'll consider a mobile phone as 'Faulty' if it has one or more of the below:

Broken screen icon

Broken or smashed screen

Faulty battery icon

Faulty or depleted battery

Operating System icon

Operating system problems

Scratches icon

Heavy scratches

FaceID icon

Face or Fingerprint ID problems

Charging icon

Charging port issues

Wifi Icon

Wi-Fi connectivity

Speaker icon

Speaker issues

Microphone icon

Mic issues

Sim card icon

Sim or Sim gate issues

Network icon

Connectivity issues

Touchscreen icon

Touchscreen issues

Why should you recycle a damaged phone?

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There's a number of reasons you should look at recycling your damaged or broken mobile phone. For every device that is thrown away, these end up in landfill and this is contributing towards an increase in carbon emissions. By selling your device to The Tech Octopus you're helping to reuse devices and reduce the environmental impact. Our aim is to recirculate as many devices as possible by refurbishing these back to a working standard. If we can't refurbish or re-use a device, we'll strip it down and use the parts on other devices or we'll recycle this responsibly.

What's more, we're going that extra step further by planting a tree for every device sold to us, so you're safe in the knowledge that we're doing what we can do offset the impact mobiles have on our planet.