Sell my iPhone 14, 14+, 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max

Sell your iPhone 14 model and see how much you could get. Choose your device from the options below.

How do I sell my iPhone 14 model?

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Choose your Apple iPhone 14 from above. Provide some details about the storage, network and condition.

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Complete your sale and package your iPhone 14 model carefully. We suggest using bubble wrap when boxing up your Apple device for added protection.

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Send your iPhone 14 back to us. Either drop your Apple device off at the local Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection.

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Once we've received your iPhone 14, we'll process your sale and pay you quickly into your bank or PayPal account.

Why should I sell my iPhone 14?

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The iPhone 14 is the latest model in a long line up up Apple smartphones that have been released by the tech giant over a period of over 15 years. Customers are always looking for innovative and engaging ways to use their mobile phones, and the iPhone 14 range does not disappoint. The iPhone 14 came in 4 different models...The entry level iPhone 14, the larger iPhone 14 Plus, the 14 Pro for the photography enthusiast, and the high-end iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Starting at a price of £849 and topping out at £1,749 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 14 range is one of the most expensive mobile devices on the market and is still a very sought after device. Because of this, The Tech Octopus can offer you a very competitive and premium price.

When you sell your Apple iPhone 14 to us, you'll be able to send your iPhone back to us for free and you'll receive your cash quickly with same day payment. Guarantee your price for 14 days and sell with us today. 

Checklist when selling your iPhone 14

  • Backup your iPhone 14 data - Please ensure that you backup any data and images to the cloud.
  • Remove iCloud account - Make sure you remove your account from iCloud. Find out how.
  • Factory Reset your iPhone 14 - Before packaging your iPhone, please factory reset your device.
  • Remove accessories - Make sure any cases, screen protectors and Sim cards are removed
  • Clean your iPhone 14 - Before sending your iPhone back, please give your device a good clean.

Questions about selling your iPhone 14

Why should I sell my iPhone 14 to Tech Octopus?

There's some great reasons why you should sell your iPhone 14 to The Tech Octopus:

  • We offer a great price, whether you're selling a perfect condition or even a damaged Apple device.
  • It's 100% FREE when selling with us. Shipping your iPhone 14 to us is free with our pre-paid postage label, and if you're not happy with a valuation, we'll return your device for FREE.
  • Customers love us - Read our website reviews to see what customers have to say about selling with us.
  • We care about the environment and doing our bit for the plant. For every iPhone 14 we purchase, we'll plant a tree.
  • You'll be paid on the same day straight into your bank or PayPal account.
  • We offer a 14-day price guarantee on every quote for iPhone 14.
  • We use PhoneCheck, a trusted diagnostic software service to determine the condition and functionality of your iPhone 14.
  • We provide a Certified Data Wipe so you can be assured that your iPhone 14 data is removed.

What should I do before shipping my iPhone 14?

Prior to packaging your iPhone 14 model, follow our simple guidelines to ensure a fast and speedy process: 

  1. Unpair any accessories that may be connected to your iPhone 14, such as an Apple Watch or AirPods
  2. Backup the data and images from your iPhone 14 to the cloud or a personal computer
  3. Sign your iPhone 14 out of your iCloud account. Find out how
  4. Erase the content and settings from your iPhone - Don't worry if you forget to do this as we'll wipe your device on arrival
  5. Remove any SIM cards and accessories such as cases and screen protectors
  6. Give your iPhone 14 a clean to make sure there's no dirt that could affect our conditional checks

Do you accept damaged or broken iPhone 14?

iPhone 14, like other models is built using the latest technology whilst leveraging cutting-edge design. Because of this, it's prone to getting damaged easily. If you drop an iPhone its likely to develop a fault, whether this be hardware issues or a cracked or smashed screen. Although a broken screen may not affect the usability of the device, you may want to upgrade to a different model or replace your iPhone 14. 

The Tech Octopus can still offer you a decent price for your faulty iPhone. When selling to us, make sure you select the correct condition when asked. If your iPhone 14 has major damage then choose the 'Faulty' condition.

Read about selling your damaged iPhone to The Tech Octopus.

How much is my iPhone 14 worth?

If you want to see how much you could get for your iPhone 14, select your model from below, provide some details about the storage/capacity and the network. We'll provide an instant price that's locked in for 14 days. iPhone prices are subject to change, so make sure you don't delay and sell today for the best possible price.

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