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Are you interested in selling your Samsung Galaxy S series mobile phone? Our process is easy to do and you can earn cash quickly for selling your device today. Get a quote in less than 30 seconds, fast & free delivery and quick payment into your bank or PayPal account.

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How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy S Series mobile phone?

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Choose your Samsung Galaxy S series below or use our handy search to find your model. Provide a few details about the storage, network and condition.

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Complete your trade-in and package your Samsung device carefully. We suggest you use bubble wrap to add that extra layer of protection during transit.

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Send your Samsung S Series mobile back to us. Either take your packaged device to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection.

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Once we've received and tested your Samsung mobile, we'll process your payment and it should be with you the same day.

Do you want to sell your Galaxy S?

Selection of Galaxy S models

The Galaxy S range have always been one of Samsung's flagship models that is usually released every year. The most recent model, the Galaxy S23 comes in three versions; The Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra. These models are always at the cutting edge of technology and is why they're a popular choice with customers.

Although we buy second-hand and used Samsung mobiles, we'll also offer a competitive price for the more recent devices such as the S23 or the previous models like the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ or Galaxy S22 Ultra

devices are becoming packed with new and exciting features and older generation devices like the S10 or S20 are outdated now, but still hold a value which can be used to put towards the latest model. 

Questions about selling your Samsung Galaxy S

Why sell my Samsung S model phone to The Tech Octopus?

At the Tech Octopus, we're passionate about buying old or unwanted devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S series to help the circular economy and put these devices back into the hands of other customers to be used for years to come. You might think that by selling your old Galaxy S10+ or your S10e that this would be stripped down for parts, but this is not the case. We aim to refurbish every Samsung S phone back to their former glory and re-sell these via other platforms for people to benefit from their technology.

Global E-waste is a growing concern for the planet, and we want to do our bit by making sure technology such as Galaxy S20 FE or Galaxy S20+ don't end up in landfill.

We're also making the pledge that for every device purchased, we'll plant a tree so that we're helping to offset the carbon that mobile phones and other technology have in our world.

If you want more reasons why selling to us is a good idea, you can see why lots of customers choose to recycle with The Tech Octopus.

Can I sell my broken Samsung Galaxy S?

Yes, we want to buy your broken Samsung Galaxy S phone from you. We know that repairing an old device can be expensive, and there's always the fear that it won't work correctly again. We're here to take away the hassle of the experience by offering you a great price for a faulty or damages Samsung S model. We have the skills and experience to factory refurbish devices back to a working standard and ensure these devices can be re-sold back to consumers.

You can easily sell your broken Galaxy phone by selecting 'Faulty' from the condition choices when you sell with us. Please make sure that the device powers on and there's no serious damage such as water or its completely snapped in half. If you're unsure about what we'll buy, see our damaged phone guide.

How much is my Samsung S Series worth?

The value of your Samsung Galaxy S model is based on a number of different factors that can affect the price that you're offered. The model of the phone is important as we'll offer a much higher price for the latest device such as the Galaxy S23 over an older model like the S10. The storage capacity and network of the device is also important as these affect the resale value of the handset, so an Unlocked device with 512GB will be worth more than a smartphone locked to a network that only has 16GB of memory. The final thing that affects the value is the one of the most important as this is the 'condition' of the phone. A mobile that's been looked after for years and has little or no scratches will be worth a higher value than a phone that's been through rough times and has multiple or heavy scratches.

Please make sure you read through the condition descriptions carefully and choose the closest match to your device before completing your sale.

You can find out more here about how we test each device.