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Are you looking to Sell or recycle your old or used Samsung mobile phone and would like to earn extra cash? We make the process easy by offering a fast quote, free delivery and quick payment into your bank or PayPal account.

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How do I sell my Samsung mobile phone?

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Choose your Samsung category from above or use our handy search to find your model. Provide a few details about the storage, network and condition of your Samsung.

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Complete your sale and package your Samsung phone carefully. We suggest you use bubble wrap to add that extra layer of protection during transit.

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Send your Samsung mobile back to us. Either take your packaged device to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection.

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Once we've received and tested your Samsung mobile, we'll process your payment and it should be with you the same day.

Popular Samsung trade in models

Galaxy S10

Sell my Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10e

Sell my Galaxy S10e

Galaxy Note 10

Sell my Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy S10 5G

Sell my Galaxy S10 5G

Galaxy Note 20 5G

Sell my Galaxy Note 20 5G

Galaxy S20 5G

Sell my Galaxy S20 5G

Galaxy A52 5G

Sell my Galaxy A52 5G

Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Sell my Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S21 5G

Sell my Galaxy S21 5G

Galaxy S21+ 5G

Sell my Galaxy S21+ 5G

Galaxy S22 5G

Sell my Galaxy S22 5G

Thinking "I want to sell my Samsung phone"

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Have you been thinking "I want to sell my Samsung phone" or "I want to get cash for my old Samsung Galaxy"? 

If you're looking to clear out your drawers or want to get a little extra money to put towards a new model then The Tech Octopus has the solution. We can offer you a great price for your unwanted mobile phone, free and tracked delivery, a 14-day price guarantee, and fast payment on the same day.

Smartphones and other technology have value that can be converted into quick cash, and by selling today, you'll be doing your bit for the environment by recycling your old gadgets.

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Questions about selling your Samsung device

Why sell my Samsung to The Tech Octopus?

The Tech Octopus are the Fast, Free and Fair way to recycle your unwanted Samsung mobile phone. We care about the environment and the circular economy. That's why every Samsung device  goes through our refurbishment process and is re-sold to other customers to make use of. If you're looking for a great price for your Galaxy S22 Ultra, quick cash for your Galaxy S20, or just want to clear out your old Galaxy S10, then see how much you could make by getting a quote in less than 30 seconds. We'll buy your Samsung whether its brand new, working, used or broken.

We take the hassle out of selling your Samsung by offering a Free and tracked pre-paid label that you can either take to the Post Office, or arrange a Royal Mail home collection.

We test all devices using PhoneCheck, an industry leading diagnostic software service to determine the condition and functionality of your Samsung phone. Each device is data wiped using certified software so you can be certain there's nothing left on your device. Once everything has been assessed, we'll pay you fast into your bank or PayPal account.

Take a look at our testing process and if you need more reasons to sell, see why you should sell to The Tech Octopus today.

Things to do before selling my Samsung?

Before you return your Samsung phone to us, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unpair any accessories that may be connected to your Samsung phone, such as a smart Watch or headphones
  2. Backup any data and images to the cloud or a personal computer
  3. Sign out of any accounts that may be linked to your device . Sign out of Samsung account
  4. Erase all of your data - Don't worry if you forget to do this as we'll wipe your device on arrival
  5. Remove any SIM cards, memory cards and accessories such as cases and screen protectors
  6. Give your Samsung device a good clean to make sure there's no dirt that could affect our conditional checks

Do you buy broken or damaged Samsung phones?

Even when looking after your Samsung mobile, accidents can happen that lead to damage or faults. If your phone develops issues or sustains some damage such as a broken screen or faulty buttons, we can still offer you a great price for your device. Lots of damaged Samsung end up pushed to the back of a drawer or forgotten about. If you want to make some extra cash, then why not have a clear out as you might be surprised how much cash you could get.

When you sell your Samsung phone, ensure you check that its condition matches the description on our website. We aim to buy most phones in various conditions, but there are a number of faults or damage that could stop us being able provide a price.

Want to find out more about selling your damaged phone.

How much cash can I get for my Samsung phone?

When you sell your Samsung Galaxy or other Samsung phone with The Tech Octopus, the amount we can offer you is based on various different factors...The model of the Samsung, the storage capacity, the network, and its condition. You'll get more cash for a new Samsung Galaxy S22 5G than an older Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Make sure you read the condition description when selling to ensure you pick the condition that best matches what model you're selling. If we receive a device in a different condition than was sold, we may offer you a reduced value. To see how much you could get for your old Samsung, choose one of the following categories to get started:

When will I be paid when selling my Samsung phone?

When our technicians receive your Samsung device, we'll check its condition and diagnose the phone for any faults or issues. If everything works correctly and it matches the condition description it was sold as then your payment will be processed immediately.

If we find any problems, faults or the Samsung doesn't match the model this was sold as, we'll flag this immediately with you via email and SMS. You'll then have the opportunity to make a decision on whether you want to proceed with the sale. If you're not happy with a valuation or you want you device back, we'll return it for FREE!

Payments into your nominated Bank or PayPal account are processed on the same day, and most payments reach your account within a few hours. We ask that you allow up to 48 hours as some banks may take longer to process this payment.