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Who are The Tech Octopus?

The Tech Octopus are passionate about recycling and providing a Fair valuation for selling your pre-owned tech. We believe that selling your mobile phone should be a hassle-free and simple experience. Our aim is to make the selling process as easy and enjoyable as possible. When it comes to recycling we have a wealth of experience and have been helping countless customers to release the value of their old handsets. 

It's estimated that over 50 million mobile devices are left in drawers and are not being utilised to earn extra cash. By offering a competitive price, free delivery, certified testing and fast payment, we ensure that you contribute towards the circular economy and technology doesn't end up being discarded or in landfill.

Trade in with The Tech Octopus and you'll guarantee that you give your used phone a second lease of life and put this back into the hands of someone who can make good use of this device for years to come.

What do we do?

If you've ever sold an item on eBay or Facebook Marketplace you'll understand the frustration and complexity of selling your tech. Here's what people told us when we asked them about the challenges they experienced:

  1. "Too much competition" - There's too many people selling similar items and my item won't stand out from the crowd
  2. "It's too time consuming" - Listing the item, taking pictures, adding a description and item specifics all takes too long 
  3. "Timewasters put me off" - Too many people just asking questions and not interested in buying
  4. "Costs me money" - It can cost money to list or sell
  5. "I'm not guaranteed what I'll get" - If I auction my item I might not get what I want 

At The Tech Octopus, we provide a simple and seamless service that really does remove the barriers and you'll wish you'd used us before. You can get a quote in less than 30 seconds and we handle all of the hard work along the way. Once traded, you can be paid in as little as 2 days...So what are you waiting for? 

Why trust us?

When selling with us you can rest assured that you're getting a fair and reasonable valuation for your phone. Unlike other recycling companies we offer an upfront price that is relative for the type and condition of the device.

Obviously, we're a business and need to continue offering a great product & service to our customers. That's why we try to be as competitive as we can, whilst making sure that we're able to receive, test, refurbish and re-sell devices back to consumers at a price that works.

If you want to see what other customers think about our business, check out some of our Customer Reviews and make up your own mind.